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The Indian Economy is back on track to register the fastest growth among major economies in 2021, as its GDP expanded in spite of various bottlenecks. Despite the world recession a decade ago, India still managed to clock appreciable GDP growth rates, particularly when the rest of the world registered negative growth during these years. Agriculture remains the backbone of our country, while the products and services sector continues to fuel the growth of the country’s economy, in spite of the rapidly growing population.

The southernmost state of Tamilnadu is rated as the second wealthiest Indian state by GDP, and is the most industrialized state. Over 60 percent of the state is urban, making for nearly 10.6 percent of India’s urban population, whilst only accounting for 6% of the country’s total population.

So, why TN INDIA BUSINESS platform?

The TN INDIA BUSINESS platform is proudly built by By The Startups, one of the biggest business communities, based out of the industrial city of Coimbatore, South India, to satisfy the need for information available from the business world of Tamilnadu (TN) and India. If you’re a Startup, SME, or an Established Business owner, TN INDIA BUSINESS would love to cover your profile anywhere from Tamilnadu and within India. Rest assured we will strive to provide you with the required visibility, either to kick-start your business or take it to the next level in Tamilnadu and within India.

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Since we are a global platform, we can provide visibility to micro, small & medium, startup and established businesses across Tamilnadu and India, enabling business development, new market acquisition, and export opportunities.

Disclaimer: As ethics demand, in spite of our rich digital marketing experience, we do not guarantee listed or featured companies/organizations with sales, leads, conversion, web traffic, or search engine rankings for keywords on the TN INDIA BUSINESS platform whatsoever. What we do believe is the potential of our business networking community that could refer businesses through online and physical meets and other community activities for greater visibility.

How to list your business profile?

Note that the TN INDIA BUSINESS is a NO-FREE PLATFORM, and involves submission and annual renewal charges. Kindly call us at +91-9952484192, or email us at bythestartups@gmail.com for enquires regarding the listing of a business profile, or joining as a member in the BY THE STARTUPS Community for free. We will definitely get back to you with the charges, format, and process of submission.

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